About Us

Nanta Academy was created to recreate the emotions shared between the cast and the audience through the past 19 years. Go beyond just watching Nanta, try the drums for yourself to relieve stress and learn a new hobby and specialty.

A class for learning the rhythms of Nanta

Learn the rhythm used in Nanta show

Stress relief with Nanta

Relieve stress through the drums of Nanta

Two birds with one stone

Learn a new talent while enjoying a hobby

Annual Presentation at the end of the year

A chance to show off your skills with other students

Regular Class (2 Classes per 1 Week/ 8 Classes per a Month)

Nanta Academy Time Table
Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friady Saturday Sunday
11:00~12:20 Dance NANTA(Beginner) Dance NANTA(Intermediate) Dance NANTA(Beginner) Dance NANTA(Intermediate) Rhythm NANTA
17:00~18:20 Kid's NANTA Kid's NANTA Kid's NANTA Kid's NANTA Kid's NANTA
18:00~19:20 Dance NANTA(Beginner) Dance NANTA(Beginner) *Mimimum of 3 people
are required
for Experience & Group Lesson
Group Lesson
19:00~20:20 Original NANTA Rhythm NANTA Original NANTA Rhythm NANTA Group Lesson
20:30~21:50 Fitness NANTA Fitness NANTA Fitness NANTA Fitness NANTA

Trial class (1 class)

Nanta Academy Experience Program
Category Content Number of
Duration Price
Nanta experience A unique experience using items like water jugs
and cutting boards
5 people
60 min. KRW 30,000
Experience various drums A chance to experience the essence of Nanta Minimum
3 people
Dance Nanta experience A chance to experience K-pop dance and Nanta together
K-pop dance experience A chance to experience the newest K-pop dance
Fitness Nanta experience Nanta experience that brings together exercise and Nanta
1:1 Personal experience 1:1 Nanta experiences created just for you 1 person 60 min. Ask