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The highlight version of NANTA is a shortened version that includes the most remarkable scenes of the full-length version of NANTA. The show can be rearranged to a duration of 10 to 40 minutes and is relatively flexible in terms of performance venues. The NANTA highlight version is popular to a various range of occasions, such as festivals, corporate events, seminars, events, private parties, and so on. The powerful acting and colorful presentation of the actors will never let you down. If you are looking for the perfect choice for your special day, we strongly recommend the NANTA Highlight version for a memorable and remarkable event!

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The NANTA full-length version is the theatre version of NANTA that is presented daily at the NANTA exclusive theatres in Korea. Since its international debut in 1999 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, NANTA has been giving a strong and deep impression to people around the world. So far, NANTA has visited 57 countries and 310 cities and shows no sign of stopping. The exact same version of NANTA that is stage in our exclusive theatres in Korea can come to a theatre near you! If you think your country needs a one of a kind show that is hysterical, dynamic and so much more, NANTA is the show you are looking for!


March of Youth

The Wizard of OZ

The Jungle Book

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Exclusive Program for your Group in our Nanta Theater

We arrange exclusive performance for your own companies and occasions.

You can take all our seats stages for one-stage programs. With us, provide a whole new type of cultural experience to your staffs, employees, and guests.

- Benefit
· Lounge Program : placards, banners, and light catering
· On-stage Program : desks, microphones, and beam projectors for lectures, seminars and presentations, etc.
· Selective Time : flexible time scheduling for your convenience.
· Welcoming Message : delivery of a welcoming massage by projecting before the show

Special Promotion for your Group

We provide special discount and great time to your groups. (20 people)

- Benefit
· Lounge Program : setup of event guide banners.
· Welcoming Message : delivery of a welcoming message by projecting before the show
· Discount : Special discount for groups.