NANTA Academy

Real Nanta experience with Nanta actor!
You can feel all of the Nanta!
You can be the Nanta heroine

★Deong! Ki! Deok! Koong! Deok! Learning Nanta using Korean rhythms
★Professional teacher! Exciting lesson from real Nanta actor!
★Experience real Nanta instrument!

Basic Information

-Time : Weekend / every Saturday 16:30
-Minimum age : 8
-Pirce : 35,000 KRW
-Time : 1hour
-Closing of sale : Before 1 day from the show
-Closing of cancellation : Before 2 days from the show
-Language : English

How to Use

* Minimum participation is up to 2 people, if it fail to reach the number, it could be canceled

*It is possible to participate the program up to age 8

*the number of selected seats are same for participation number 

More information


Cancellation policy

* Closing of cancellation

- Closing of sale : Before 1 day from the show
- Closing of cancellation : Before 2 days from the show


* Commision fee for cancelltation

 - It is possible to cancel/refund before closing of the cancellation
 - It is impossible to cancel/change/refund after closing of the cancellation

If you have any question, please contact us via QnA.

Available after log-in.